Bangladesh Airplane Crash Landed In Kathmandu, Many Casualties Feared


Desk: A passenger plane crash landed on a football ground near the Tribhuvan International airport in Kathmandu on Monday.  The airplane was a Bangladeshi airline named Biman Bangla. Many casualties are feared after the incident as the airline caught fire after crash landing. At least 76 people were on board when the tragedy occurred.

Sources from the spot said, “We cannot give the exact number of casualty as we are still finding out all details. At the moment, our priority is to rush the victims to the hospitals.”

Meanwhile, at least 50 people were assumed dead. 17 people have been recovered in a critical condition. The reason behind the tragedy is still not known. Aviation Analyst Alex Macheras tweeted, “The Bangladesh-based passenger aircraft became unstable while descending, and crashed at Nepal’s #Kathmandu Intl airport” — airport official to reuters.” He also posted an image of the air crash.


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