Desk: In a sensational revelation, Darjeeling additional Police Super Amarnath said Bimal Gurung has plan to launch an armed attack against the state in between the hill visit of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. The arms have been recovered from Limbu basti in Darjeeling.

3 modern rifles and some sharp weapons have been recovered from the Limbu basti. However, the SP claims that the recovered weapons are just one-third of the total arms. Many weapons of such kind might have been kept in reserve. Therefore a search has been conducted in order to seize those arms.

Few days earlier, Bimal Gurung’s driver has been arrested by the police. The driver allegedly disclosed the secret of the weapons. The police allege that the location of the weapons has been disclosed after interrogating a person named Bakhar Mukhiya. The police also claim that Sikkim is providing Bimal Gurung with the weapons.


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