Desk: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee addresses from an administrative meeting in Paschim Bardhaman’s Durgapur on Monday. The CM is holding administrative meetings in different districts prior to the State Panchayat elections, in order to ensure the smooth running of the administration.

CM’s key statements at a glance:

BJP is trying increase the turmoil. All measures will be taken in order to prevent the turmoil. The police have to be more active.

RSS and BJP are trying to induce the riots.

There are regular accidents in the illegal mines. The police have to act strictly in this regard.

The police have to increase public relation. The clubs should come forward for this.

The Central government is trying to remove the alloyed steel. The TMC will start a movement against it.

The works in the Panchayat should not be stopped due to the upcoming elections.

Full-fledged police stations should be made at Andal and Pandaveswar.

Cooperative banks should be looked upon.

Big bus terminus will be constructed in Durgapur.

The lives of the workers in coal mines are in danger. The Central government and ECL should take responsibility of it.


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