China Equips Troops With US Style Combat System Along Indian Border



Beijing: Since the Doklam standoff, the Chinese government has been struggling hard to defeat India if situation arise. As per a Friday’s media report, the China has deployed a branch of the PLA along the Indian border with a powerful US-style soldier combat system. With this implementation, the Xi Jinping-led government has prepared future “informatized warfare”.

In recent years, the term widely used by Chinese military which refers to the use of IT, digital and artificial intelligence applications in battlefield conditions. As per the China Central Television (CCTV) reports, the special operation forces from the western theatre command, the Sky Wolf Commandos, have been equipped with the QTS-11 system in their training, which is similar to the one being used by US soldiers.

The strongest individual firepower in the world, QTS-11 system not only contains firearms but also a full digitalized integrated individual soldier combat system, including detection and communications. The system includes an assault rifles and 20-milimeter grenade launcher. It has also the capability of destroying antipersonnel targets.

According to the reports, each soldier equipped with the system is armed with a thermal imager and optoelectronic and positioning systems. QTS-11 weighs up to 7 kgs. It further added that special operations forces are the first to have a taste of this integrated system. It is also very expensive.

Meanwhile, the announcement by the official media of the deployment of QTS-11 system comes when reports informed about the air defence upgradation along the LAC by the PLA in the wake of India acquiring new fighter jets. The Chinese military has deployed fighter jets like J-10 and J-11 to strengthen its air defence which aimed at attacking any threat from India.

However, India and China have been trying to reset their diplomatic ties after the 73-day-long Doklam standoff in 2017 between the 2 sides in the Sikkim section of boundary. The stand-off over PLA’s attempts to build a road close to the strategic narrow Chicken Neck corridor in North East ended after the Chinese military stopped the rod constructing in the area which is also claimed by Bhutan.


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