Desk: Pacer Mohammed Shami met with an accident on Sunday while he was going to Delhi from Dehradun. He had received a minor injury on his head and got few stitches on his head. At present he is in Dehradun.

The accident took place around 5.30 in the morning. A truck collided with Shami’s car. The front side of the car was badly damaged after the incident.

On a related note, the cricketer is going through turmoil in his personal life. His wife Hasin Jahan has recently brought a series of accusations against him which includes adultery and planned conspiracy. Jahan alleged that her husband planned to get her raped by his elder brother. She further stated that she kept mum on the matter because she was afraid of getting murdered or any harm on her. She further claims that she could have landed on a mental asylum if she had gone against Shami. “I tried to keep my marriage alive but Shami did not let this happen,” said Hasin.


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