Desk: Not only a woman’s body, even a woman’s mind is much more complex than a male when it comes to intimacy, suggests a study.

A recent study of the McGill University suggests that the minds of women react more and is more stimulated if compared to the male counterparts, when they are sexually aroused.

The research has been conducted on 20 men and 20 women respectively. The recorded dissimilarity between the male and female brains shows that women reacts more and is much more stimulated at the times of sexual encounter.

According to the Independent, “There were no brain regions in men with stronger brain-genital correlations than in women.”

However, according to Qazi Rahman, a psychology lecturer at King’s College London, the survey was too small to reach to a proper conclusion. Al-though, he did not deny the complexities of a female sexual arousal.

Meanwhile, the interesting survey has been published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.


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