Forensic Reports Clarifies Sridevi Died On Heart Attack



Mumbai: Since Sunday night controversies shrouded the death reason of the Bollywood ‘diva’ Sridevi. But after sweeping all those speculations the Dubai forensic doctors have clarified that the first woman megastar in the Indian cinema died of a cardiac arrest. The doctors further added that there is nothing suspicious about her demise. As per the reports, her body will be given in any time to the Kapoor family.

An independent journalist working in Dubai, Vasudeva Rao, said that if a person dies outside a hospital in the country, even in a natural way, police have to be informed and after registering a case they will investigate. In case a body has to be sent overseas for cremation, there are even more officials steps to be taken.

However, the procedure of the country is too long. At first the body is kept in the morgue at Al Qusais. After examining that at the General Department of Forensic Evidence, the body is handed over to the police. A death certificate is given only after autopsy report and then police give their clearance. Then, the police visa of the person who has passed away is verified, after which the Indian consulate in Dubai cancels their passport, issues a death certificate as well as a no-objection certificate to facilitate transporting of the mortal remains to India.

Amid these arrangements, the police will issue several letters, for the body to be collected from the hospital or morgue, for embalming, to the place where the last rites will be performed, to the airport and to the airlines. The death certificate will be issued in Arabic. The translated copy in English will be provided to the Indian consulate in Dubai after which it will issue a no-objection certificate to the family or relative to transport the body back to India.


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