Hasin Jahan Ticked At ‘Unmarried’ box On Marriage Certificate


Kolkata: After Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami stated that his wife Hasin Jahan kept him in dark over her first marriage, the alleged fraudulence over the marriage certificate surfaced on Sunday where it can be seen that Hasin Jahan has ticked in the ‘unmarried’ category instead of the ‘divorced’ category.

According to Mohammad Shami her wife Hasin, kept her previous marriage a secret. “Although she claimed that she has informed me everything regarding her previous marriage, but that is not the truth. She has ticked in the ‘bachelor’ box of the marriage certificate and claimed that the 2 girls (Hasin’s 2 daughters from previous marriage) are her sister’s daughters,” said Shami.

Shami also claimed that even after knowing the truth, he has always treated Hasin’s 2 daughters as his own. He said, “I care for those 2 girls. I have never shown any disrespect towards Hasin. Even my family does not know about Hasin’s daughters. They know that the girls are Hasin’s nieces.”

Earlier, a serious allegation had been brought against Mohammed Shami by his wife Hasin Jahan. Shami’s wife alleged that her husband planned to get her raped by his elder brother. Hasin previously submitted a written complaint against her husband at Lalbazar in Kolkata.

Hasin stated that she kept mum on the matter because she was afraid of getting murdered or any harm on her. She further claims that she could have landed on a mental asylum if she had gone against Shami. “I tried to keep my marriage alive but Shami did not let this happen,” said Hasin.


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