Desk: Continuing his attacks on Rahul Gandhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi dared him “to speak in any language” for 15 minutes about the achievements of the Siddaramaiah government without reading out from any piece of paper.

While launching his campaign in Karnataka, Modi accused Rahul-led Congress government of opposing the Centre’s efforts for development.

Modi also criticised Rahul harshly by saying that “those currently leading the party had no understanding of history and the country’s legacy.”

Modi said, “I dare the Congress president to speak in Hindi, English or mother tongue of his mother to deliver a speech in Karnataka for 15 minutes, without reading out from a piece of paper, on the achievements of the party government…people of Karnataka will draw their own conclusion.”

Rahul Gandhi had dared Modi to allow him to speak for 15 minutes in Parliament on various issues including corruption, and that the PM will not be able to sit for 15 minutes.

Hitting out at the Congress president, “His speaking for 15 minutes will itself is a big thing. And when I hear that I would not be able to sit, I think…wow, what a scene it is? Congress president, Sir, we cannot sit before you. You are ‘naamdar’ (famous), while I am ‘kaamdar’ (ordinary worker). We have no status to sit in front of you.”

Modi also added, “A storm and not a simple wave” was blowing in the BJP’s favour in the state.”


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