Kathua Rerun: 11 Year Old Gangraped For 8 Days, Murdered


Desk: An 11 year girl child has been brutally gangraped and murdered at Surat in Gujarat. The autopsy report revealed that the minor has been raped for 8 days at a stretch. The horrific incident is the rerun of the recent incident of Kathua in Jammu and Kashmir where an eight year old has been gangraped for 8 days before she was murdered.

Reportedly, there are more than 80 wounds found in the body of the girl. She has been gangraped and murdered afterwards. Her body has been recovered from the Pandasera area’s Sai Mohan society’s cricket ground in Surat. However, the identity of the child is yet to be known. Her rapists and murderers are still not spotted. The matter is under investigation.

The 8 year old girl of Jammu and Kashmir, Asifa, who belonged to the Bakrawal community, was kidnapped from a village at Kathua and was kept confined to a temple on January. She was sedated, starved, gang raped and afterwards killed as the ‘climax’ of the heinous crime. Her head was striked with a stone to ensure her head. Even before her death an accused named Deepak Khajuria told his another crime mate JCL that he wanted to rape her for one last time.


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