Mamata Suspects Threat To Her Life


Desk: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee claimed on Friday that some political parties have hired killers to murder her.

In an interview to a private media channel, Mamata said that she has prepared a will and has named her successor as she has accused political parties of planning to assassinate her. She said that even if she is killed, everything will still function according to her will.

Mamata said she would not reveal names of the parties out of courtesy. “But you can understand whom I am referring to.” She claimed contract killers have been paid advance money for assassinating her. “They (contract killers) have done a recce in and around my house. But I am not scared. Those unable to fight me politically are doing this,’’ she said.

“First they will malign your image then will try to kill you. After killing me, they will shed crocodile tears. Some persons in your profession are also involved in this. They just want to throttle my voice.’’


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