Desk: Love for pets is not an exceptional thing. We have seen or heard various instances of owners doing ‘crazy’ things for their pets out of affection. To add another instance, a man from Amroha in Uttar Pradesh performed the last rites of his pet parrot after its parrot died on 5th March.

As weird as it may sound, Pankaj Kumar Mittal, who is a teacher by profession, took the mortal remains of the bird to Ganga ghat and performed Hindu rituals. The bird was cremated He also organized a ‘havan’ and ‘bhoj’ as a part of the last rites of the rituals.

While taking with a news agency, Mittal said, “I adopted it five years ago when it could not fly because of leg injury, treated him even better than my son.”

Meanwhile, a prayer meet was also organized for the pet parrot.


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