Agartala: The Assembly Elections in CPI(M) controlled northeastern state Tripura have been scheduled to take place on 18 February. According to the political experts, this year people of the state will witness the strong skirmish between the ruling Left party and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as it is struggling hard to be in power in the state like the other 3 northeastern states, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Manipur.

On Thursday, the party supremo clearly declared that his party is all set to defeat the 25-year long CPI(M) regime. PM Modi further said that the saffron party has prepared an all-rounder plan for Tripura.

While addressing an election rally in Tripura’s Sonamura, Modi shared the ‘3T’ plan for the state. He said, “We are focusing on 3Ts for Tripura – Trade, Tourism, Training of the youth so that they get opportunities to shine.”

The PM also suggests a change in the state, saying, “I know when the people stand up seeking revolution, then they uproot anything which, comes in the way of development, then may it be a government which has been ruling the state for decades.” By slamming Manik Sarkar-led state government, Modi said that the people have been deprived of their rights. He also claimed that the Left government has built an atmosphere of fear so that no one can raise their voice against them.

He also said, “Workers here don’t get minimum wages, which the worker of the entire nation gets. I ask you shouldn’t Tripura be able to avail the minimum wages facility? The communist are ruling Tripura from past 25 years, but they are not ready to give people the right to exercise their fundamental rights.”

By mocking at the name of the present CM Manik, which means the ruby gemstone, PM said, “You all should get rid of Manik. You need ‘HIRA’ H-highway, I-I Way (digital connectivity), R-Roadway, A-Airway.”

Meanwhile, the CPI(M) is reigning the state since 25 years after came to the power in 1993 with Dasarath Deb. And the present Chief Minister Manik Sarkar is one of the longest serving CM of India. Earlier, the party fought the battle only with the Congress party. But this year its main target becomes the saffron party as it has left no stone unturned to create a history.


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