Rahul-Dilip Lashes Out At Mamata Over Assasination Claims


Desk: Opposition parties mocked at chief minister Mamata Banerjee over her claims that a particular political party has hired ‘contract-killers’ to assassinate her.

BJP leader Rahul Sinha said, “Whenever any election comes, she says that anyone or the other is conspiring to kill her. This is one of her old tactics. Actually she needs people’s sympathy before any election comes.”

He further stated, “The chief minister is the minister for police. So let her first arrest the conspirators. And if any proof cannot be provided of the conspirators, then it will be presumed that the government is a failure.”

“If there is no security for the chief minister of this state, then where is the security of the common people? If the CM feels insecure in her own state, then she this state itself is not secure for her. Let her leave Bengal and go to another state and hide. Then only she will be able to live peacefully,” added the saffron leader.

BJP state chief Dilip Ghosh questioned that why is the CM not asking the police to make arrests if she knows that contractual killers have carried out recce of her house. The police belong to her. During the tenure of the CPM, she used to grow sympathy of the people by making such claims. But now its her tenure. Now people will laugh if she makes such claims.”


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