District Correspondent, Midnapore: 2 persons have again been injured by the tiger which has been prowling in Lalgarh since March. The tribal people went for hunting on Friday at the Baghghora jungle where the tiger attacked the people. 2 persons have been injured in the incident. One is reportedly in a severe condition.

Earlier on March 30, the tiger attacked 3 tribal people and injured them badly. The victims were Panda Murmu (35), Nandalal Soren (40) and Sudan Soren (28). All 3 of the victims are the resident of Lalgarh area. The tribal people claimed that the Royal Bengal Tiger was hiding in a culvert for which they covered the area with a net.

As per the recent news update: The Royal Bengal Tiger has been found dead from the jungle. It is assumed that the tribal people have killed the tiger as their hunting festival is going on these days.


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