Mumbai: With Jhanvi Kapoor’s debut with Karan Johar’s “Dhaadak”, Saif-daughter, Sara Ali Khan is all set to mark her debut with Abhishek Kapoor directorial “Kedarnath”, in opposite of Sushant Singh Rajput in the glittery world of Bollywood.

But now a question is aroused over its releasing date. As per the reports, the makers have parted their ways. A source said, “Though the two production houses had collaborated on Abhishek’s ambitious project, the latter is not a part of the film anymore.”

Earlier, the director had declared the release date of the film which is scheduled on 21 December, the same day as Shah Rukh Khan’s “Zero”. But the producer Prernaa Arora didn’t want to go with any rivalry with the superstar. Thus she gave a nod to that release date which led a lot of disagreement between both the producers. By declaring the release date, Abhishek tweeted, “To all my friends in the media, #kedarnath is on schedule for 21 st dec 2018 #jaibholenath.”

Reports further suggested that Abhishek is already in talks with as many as 3 studios to hit the silver screen with his upcoming project.

When talks about the separation reach its top, Producer Prernaa said, “Every story has 2 sides. Please listen to our side. Abhishek wasn’t able to keep his end of the bargain on most counts. It was he who breached the agreement first. He was to finish a major chunk of the film at Kedarnath in October 2017. However, when the unit returned, we realized that this commitment was not fully met. There was a lot of wastage.”

Separately, one of the former producers also alleged that as the director got abusive over the phone with her, she decided to leave Abhishek. She further added, “We were game to giving in to reasonable demands as far as the production go. However, we are not keen on throwing our money into a well. We needed to see the way our money was being used. Unfortunately, the movie is already over-budgeting after the first 2 schedules itself. And, we were actually in the process of sorting things out. However, if Abhishek has decided to move on, we would like to state on record that we are not at fault. You must know the why and why-not of a situation before coming to any conclusion.”


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