Many Indians spend thousands of rupees on skin creams and beauty products to get a fair skin of their dreams. Whether a person is light complexioned or dark complexioned, many Indians, especially women, tend to spend their money and time in parlours for skin bleaching and facials, in order to get more lighter complexion. However, repeated use of skin bleach is not also recommended as it may lead to the breakouts on the skin. Famous beauty expert Shahnaz Husain once said, “There are various side effects of bleaching because it involves using chemical-based ingredients. To avoid any skin problems, use home-based ingredients that will keep your skin glowing and will improve your complexion as well.”

Here are some natural alternatives to bleach:

  1. A pinch of saffron with warm milk does wonders to the skin. Mix it and apply on skin using cotton. The thing lightens the skin over a period of time.
  2. Applying a paste of turmeric and yoghurt over the skin and washing it off after half an hour also known to lighten the skin tone.
  3. Applying besan all over the face (and body also) reduces hair growth and thus the skin appears much lighter and smooth.
  4. Rubbing Tomato all over the face lightens our skin tone as it has a natural bleaching effect.


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