Youngsters Offer ‘Free Hugs’ As Protest Against Thrashing Of Couple


Desk: The protests against the alleged thrashing of a couple at the Dum Dum metro station, has taken a new turn.

The youngsters are now offering ‘free hugs’ to people outside Dum Dum metro station as a mark of protest.

The protestors, according to ANI, said that, ‘’Hugging is not something visually perverted, it’s a sign of affection.’

The citizens of Kolkata had also held demonstrations on Tuesday outside the Dum Dum metro station. The protestors held slogans on their placards such as “Waiting for Freedom” and “Stop moral policing”. They demanded strict actions over the incident.

Controversy erupted on Monday night after elderly co-passengers objected to their hugging in public. It was followed by a heated argument after which the mob beat up the couple at the Dum Dum metro station.

However, an FIR is yet to be filed against the incident.

A metro official denied the incident citing that the CCTV footage does not show any incident of assault, though photos and videos have already gone viral. They were recorded by eye-witnesses.


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